Amber Program

The Legend of Tommy G

Where in the world is Tommy G? The Belgian freerider has been a bit aloof lately and wild rumours have been spreading throughout the mountain bike world. Rumours about breaking the sound barrier, riding on water, and detonating berms with the sickest of styles.

Canada, 6 Minutes
Filmmakers: Darcy Wittenburg, Scott Jewett, Anthill Films

The Elder (The Winter)

The Ainu are an ancient people of Japan, who largely inhabit Hokkaido, the northernmost of Japan’s four main islands. For centuries, Ainu elders have passed down important history, songs, and dances through oral lore. In a remote Kotan called Lake Akan, these traditions live on today.

USA, 11 Minutes
Filmmakers: Tim Kemple, Aimee Tetreault, Camp4 Collective

Tempo. Movements in Mountains

A conceptual exploration of the connection Kyle Richardson finds between his athletic pursuits in Boulder’s Flatirons, and his background as a musician. Experienced through three short movements, Kyle performs a live score in a visceral interpretation of his expression in the hills.

USA, 4 Minutes
Filmmakers: Thomas Woodson

Climbing Blind

Jesse Dufton was born with 20% central vision. As his sight degenerates, his climbing continues to make remarkable progress. Despite his devastating condition Jesse takes on bigger challenges by attempting to be the first blind person to lead climb the iconic Old Man of Hoy in Scotland.

UK, 46 Minutes
Filmmakers: Alastair Lee, Posing Productions

Slack Sisters

Four female highliners share thoughts about the art and sport of highlining and the wisdom each have gained from their time on the line.

USA, 4 Minutes
Filmmakers: Kelly Greenheart, Jefe Greenheart, Circus Picnic

Natural Mystic

Come aboard for three minutes of thundering skiing with Sam Favret through the Aiguilles Rouges of Chamonix: no gimmicks, no tricks, and no music.

France, 3 Minutes
Filmmakers: Maxime Moulin, Sam Favret, Invade Media


For years Kieren D’Souza has been planning a new speed record on the 53-kilometre route up Mt. Friendship, a peak towering above Manali, the town in Himachal Pradesh where he lives. Hoping to set a snowball in motion, Kieren sets off with the goal of inspiring Indians to experience mountains in a different way.

India, 11 Minutes
Filmmakers: Prashant Bhatt, 4Play Media And Communication LLP

Return to El Guayas

Ben Stookesberry, Rafa Ortiz, and Lane Jacobs attempt the first descent of one of Colombia’s wildest rivers: El Rio Guayas. In the middle of night two, rain pours down, leaving the team stranded in the most remote part of the canyon. With rumors of armed groups in mind, they paddle blindly into the unknown.

USA, 32 Minutes
Filmmakers: Ben Stookesberry

The Secret of Bottom Turn Island

Snowboarder Alex Yoder searches to the ends of the earth for the lost art of “snow-surfing” only to find the answers he seeks on Bottom Turn Island.

USA, 3 Minutes
Filmmakers: Ian Durkin, Alex Yoder