Program B: Friday and Saturday Evening

Friday: Doors open at 7:00PM, program starts at 7:30pm.
Saturday Evening: Doors open at 8:30PM, program starts at 9:00pm.

Rogue Elements: Corbet's Coloir

Anyone who has ever skied or snowboarded Jackson Hole knows just how nerve-racking it can be to send it into the infamous Corbet's Couloir, even in the best of conditions. Doing it in icy conditions on mountain bikes is nothing short of insane, and that's exactly what we did.

USA, 4 Minutes
Filmmakers: Teton Gravity Research, Todd Jones


In a photographic niche defined by familiar angles, Ben Thouard is driven by his desire to create something original in surf photography.

USA, 7 Minutes
Filmmakers: John Rodosky

Fast Horse

FAST HORSE follows the return of the Blackfoot bareback horseracing tradition in a new form: the Indian Relay. Siksika horseman Allison Red Crow struggles to build a team with second-hand horses and a new jockey, Cody Big Tobacco, to take on the best riders in the Blackfoot Confederacy at the Calgary Stampede.

Canada, 14 Minutes
Filmmakers: Alexandra Lazarowich, Niobe Thompson
Parental Guidance: Coarse Language

This Mountain Life: Coast Range Traverse

A mother-daughter team set out on a six-month ski traverse in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Canada, 39 Minutes
Filmmakers: Grand Baldwin, Jen Rustemeyer


Take this time to stretch your legs and grab a beverage and a snack. Washrooms are on the second floor.

15 Minutes


Marcel and Andrezj are a legendary pair of mountaineers. They have been the first ones to conquer the highest and hardest peaks. Despite their different temperaments, they make a great team. Now they face the biggest challenge: reaching the virgin summit of the highest mountain. In order to achieve this, they will have to overcome formidable obstacles, suffer hardships and stand each other for a long time. But Andrezj is no longer willing to continue in Marcel's shadow.

Spain, 11 Minutes
Filmmakers: Ignasi López Fàbregas

The Mirnavator

Ultra-runners overcome obstacles with every stride. Force of Nature Mirna Valerio never thought she would have to overcome the negative voices that believe she doesn't belong in the sport.

USA, 11 Minutes
Filmmakers: Sarah Menzies

The Passage

In 1974 a small determined team built their own canoes, launched them into the Pacific, and became some the first people in modern history to canoe from Washington to Alaska up the Inside Passage. The Passage is a story about revisiting that journey, fathers and sons, and the wild places that define us.

USA, 25 Minutes
Filmmakers: Nathan Dappen and Neil Losin

The Frenchy

Jacques is an 82-year-old, badass athlete, but the real story is how he inspires us with his contagious love of life, epic tales of survival and his ability to counter aging through laughter.

USA, 13 Minutes
Filmmakers: Michelle Smith